14 Signs Someone Is Secretly Struggling In Life

Life is unpredictable and full of changes, some for the better, some for the worse. People are generally used to hiding their struggles for various reasons.
Many do not want others to change their attitudes toward or pity them, while others believe their issues are worth discussing. It is easy to miss the signs of struggle if you don’t pay close attention, but if you are worried about someone close to you, here are 15 signs you want to pay more attention to. 

Their habits changed dramatically 

If your friend was the life of the party but suddenly spends more time at home alone, this could be a sign of internal turmoil. These dramatic changes in behavior usually signal that something is off because people are creatures of habit, and other unusual changes usually follow these transformations. 

They are suddenly more irritable 

If your friend’s temper easily flares up or they start crying seemingly without any reason, there could be an internal struggle they don’t know what to do about. When people can’t cope with stress, they get overwhelmed and are easily irritated, triggered, or oversensitive. 

They’re neglecting their looks

Many people take great pride in their appearance, so if you notice they are no longer dressing like themselves, this could signal trouble. Some people are naturally more relaxed, and if your loved one is among them, you may notice they grew a beard or did not bother covering their roots. It could be any subtle change for the worse, which can point to tremendous turmoil. 

They ditched their interests and hobbies 

If someone who has always been passionate about painting or has enjoyed shopping suddenly loses interest without replacing it with another relaxing activity, this is not a good sign. Some people drop their hobbies because they are too busy or out of money. But, unless there is a valid explanation, this could be a signal that something is off. 

They’re eating too little or too much 

Emotional distress affects every aspect of a person’s life, including how they eat. If a person is playing with their food instead of eating or they are overeating, it could be a sign of stress. Many people with high chronic stress levels engage in emotional eating, and this can lead to drastic weight gain or loss, which will not help your friend’s confidence. 

They are their own worst critic 

While going through emotional or psychological issues, people often indulge in negative self-talk. Instead of being their biggest cheerleader, they feel overwhelmed and weak, so you may notice them criticizing or engaging in self-deprecating talk. If this negative attitude toward themselves is not a one-off, it could be a sign that a person is struggling. 

They avoid social gatherings 

If a person is not big on social activities, this is their base, their normal. But, if a social butterfly is no longer interested in meeting up for drinks or any other social event, this could be a sign of an internal struggle. Again, it takes time to notice these changes because refusing one evening out does not mean you should diagnose a person with depression. 

They seem unfocused

If a person seems to space out or appear unfocused, they could be lost in thought and pondering about their troubles. Even when you’re talking to them, they are somewhere else despite trying to be in the moment. It could be a sign of a bad night, but if it becomes a habit, it could signal that the person is going through hard times. 

They are always tired 

People who appear to be constantly tired could be suffering from iron deficiency, kidney disease, or diabetes. However, constant tiredness could also be a sign of stress and even depression. This is one of those situations where you can step up simply by saying they need to check out their blood sugar or nutritional deficiencies. 

They are suddenly aggressive 

While some people tend to get oversensitive, others can become aggressive if they feel they can barely hold their lives together. Anger is triggered by emotional suffering and stress, and while most people will get snarkier or easily agitated, some will be more prone to violence. 

They are more forgetful 

A person dealing with chronic stress, which can be caused by emotional struggles, can become forgetful. They also may experience confusion, lack of concentration, and similar disruptions in everyday life. Combined with a lack of proper rest, changes in dietary habits, and withdrawal from others, these could signal that a person is experiencing significant struggles. 

They are suddenly indecisive

Some people can’t make a decision if their lives depended on it, but if your friend is in the middle of a significant life change, they could suddenly become indecisive. When we’re overwhelmed and stressed out, we start questioning everything, which is why emotional and psychological struggles make us more hesitant to come up with the simplest conclusions. 

They started abusing alcohol and substances 

Many people mask their pain by drinking or taking illicit substances. Alcohol gives temporary relief while making the problems bigger and brighter the following morning. It also acts as a depressant, which is why mixing alcohol with life struggles can lead to addiction and worse. 

They appear happier than ever 

Certainly, appearing happy can’t be wrong, right? People can mask their pain with excessive positivity to avoid emotional discomfort. If someone’s suddenly cracking jokes while citing quotes about positivity, it could be a way to escape everyday struggles. If the person is someone close to you, it will be easier to see through the cracks. 

Can you help? 

If you suspect someone you’re close to is struggling, you can be empathetic without asking too many questions or making them uncomfortable. Do something nice for them, and ensure they are valuable, loved, and safe. You can’t change a person’s life, but you can help them carry their burden from time to time. 


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