25 Social Media Challenges That Pose Risks to Our Kids

For a shot at viral fame, some push the limits with social media challenges, even if it means risking their very lives. Here are the top 25 risky trends that might make you a star but could land you in the ER.

The Outlet Challenge

Inserting conductive materials into electrical outlets for shocks is not only foolish but can lead to electrical fires and severe injuries. Some people need common sense in the digital age.

The Fire Challenge

Setting oneself on fire for views is as dangerous as it sounds, leading to severe burns and questioning the limits of online fame.

The Blackout Challenge

Encouraging participants to choke themselves until they pass out, this challenge has tragically resulted in fatalities, highlighting the extreme dangers of chasing an adrenaline rush online.

The Sunburn Art Challenge

This challenge involves using sunburns to create “art” on the skin. It’s not only a painful endeavor but also a dangerous flirtation with skin damage and potential skin cancer risks.

The Cha Cha Slide Challenge

Turning reckless driving into a game, this challenge has participants swerve their vehicles to music, posing immense risks to both the driver and innocent bystanders.

Mouth Taping During Sleep

Promoted as a way to improve sleep quality, this dangerous trend can cause breathing obstructions, choking hazards, and other serious risks, particularly for those with sleep-related disorders.


Elevating the harmless act of planking to dangerous heights has led to injuries, proving that even seemingly innocent challenges can turn perilous.

The Hot Pepper Challenge

Eating ultra-spicy peppers might seem like a test of endurance, but it can lead to serious health issues, from severe stomach pains to life-threatening conditions.

The Skull Breaker Challenge

A prank that involves causing someone to fall by kicking their feet from under them, leading to head injuries and highlighting the cruelty behind some viral trends.

The Cinnamon Challenge

A spoonful of cinnamon might sound harmless, but it can lead to choking and lung damage — a risky endeavor for a moment of social media fame.

The Borg Challenge

Mixing alcohol, caffeine, and electrolytes in large quantities can lead to excessive consumption and alcohol poisoning.

The Bird Box Challenge

Mimicking scenes from a movie by performing tasks blindfolded can lead to dangerous, if not fatal, accidents.

The Blue Whale Challenge

This is a sinister game that manipulates participants into self-harm and ultimately suicide, revealing the darkest corners of social media influence.

Nyquil Chicken

Boiling chicken in Nyquil not only creates a toxic meal but exposes individuals to harmful fumes.

Tide PODS Challenge

The allure of Tide PODS’ appearance led to a dangerous trend of ingesting them — a stark reminder of the consequences of confusing appearance with edibility.

The Back Cracking Challenge

The seemingly innocent act of cracking backs has taken a viral turn, but chiropractors warn against amateur attempts that can lead to serious injuries. Not all viral trends are worth the risk, indeed.


Swatting is a prank that puts innocent lives at risk by summoning armed response teams to unsuspecting victims’ homes.

The Ice and Salt Challenge

Combining ice and salt on the skin creates a painful burning sensation — a disturbing test of pain tolerance for internet clout.

Fake Piercings with Magnets

Using magnetic balls as faux piercings can lead to accidental ingestion, causing severe internal damage and necessitating emergency medical intervention.

The Benadryl Challenge

Taking dangerous doses of Benadryl to experience hallucinations can lead to serious health complications, including heart problems and potentially fatal outcomes.

The Choking Game

Similar to the blackout challenge, this game involves cutting off oxygen to achieve a high, with tragic outcomes that include death and serious brain injury.

The Full Face Wax Challenge

Waxing the entire face for views can lead to severe skin irritation or damage — another trend that shows the lengths people would go for online recognition, often at the expense of their health.


Inhaling toxic fumes from household items for a temporary high carries significant health risks, including fatal injuries and permanent organ damage, making it one of the most hazardous trends to follow.

The Deodorant Challenge

Spraying deodorant on the skin until it burns risks severe skin damage, illustrating a troubling trend where pain is viewed as a source of entertainment.

The Coronavirus Challenge

A stark reminder of the dangers of trivializing serious issues, this challenge involves individuals licking toilet seats to gain social media fame amidst a global pandemic.


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