12 Exercises to Stay Fit Over 50

Maintaining a workout routine is more important for overall health as you age. Apart from keeping your weight in check, exercising helps maintain your blood sugar levels, supports heart health, and gives you more energy.
Here are some of the best training to support a healthy body and mind once you hit 50. 

1. Tai Chi

This gentle exercise is ideal for those with limited mobility. It also benefits those suffering from arthritis, improves strength, and promotes mental health. You can practice Tai Chi at 50 or at 90, and it can be highly beneficial for those with cardiopulmonary conditions and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Tai Chi is successful at reducing belly fat, a common issue for post-menopausal women. 

2. Planks

Planking strengthens your core, and like Tai Chi, it also promotes a healthier mind and bone density. It improves your posture and enhances balance; though it does not feel like it, this exercise will do wonders for your flexibility. This bodyweight exercise should be a part of your cardio and strength training, though, on your days off, you can do a plank for a minute and still expect results. 

3. Jogging

If you want to improve your blood flow, start light jogging. Listen to your body, take regular walking breaks, wear comfortable sneakers, and, if possible, run on grass or track. Jogging combined with strength training will do wonders for your overall health, but to avoid potential injuries, do not push yourself and take time to increase your speed and distance. 

4. Nordic walking

Nordic walking is an inexpensive activity that improves balance and stability while reducing joint stress and the risk of osteoporosis. It uses around 90 percent of muscles and is superior to walking or jogging because of the upper body’s involvement. This workout is perfect for groups, and all you need are specially designed adjustable-height poles. 

5. Swimming 

If you can’t walk much, swimming is a fantastic workout since it is easy on the joints, and various strokes allow you to choose which body part you want to work on. It is also great for those with fibromyalgia, promotes flexibility, and you don’t need to spend money on extra equipment. Swimming is great at any age, but start at your pace and do not compete with more experienced swimmers. 

6. Yoga

Many yoga poses can be done at any age, regardless of fitness level. Yoga involves specific moves known as poses, breathing exercises, and meditation. Its benefits include relief from arthritis, rheumatism, hypertension, and heart disease. This training focuses on balance, flexibility, and strength and promotes longevity. You can do it at home via apps or YouTube videos. 

7. Cycling

This aerobic exercise will speed up your heart rate and improve your breathing. Cycling is a low-impact exercise, and as with any other exercise, you need to start slow and improve your routine with time. Being out in the open, going to nature, and exploring while keeping the body young and healthy is essential, and all you need is a bike and a helmet. 

8. Pilates 

Pilates is the perfect training for those who want to focus on strength and flexibility. Slow movements are safer for those prone to injuries and help maintain mobility while maintaining a shapely figure. Pilates can be done at any age, so if you want an exercise that will be effective in your 50s as well as in your 80s, this could be the perfect choice. You can start at home and slowly get into exercises with additional equipment. 

9. Balance training

The studies confirmed that balance starts declining once you’re in your 50s. Balance training is a set of exercises that you can do at home. It includes some yoga moves, pilates, and lunges; you can rely on furniture initially to avoid injuries. 

10. Walking 

Start walking if you have health issues and your doctor thinks you need to ease into a workout routine. You can do it with a group of friends or your dog, or blast on music and enjoy a brisk walk while restarting your body into exercising mode. 

11. Tennis 

To improve cardiovascular health, tennis, a high-intensity, full-body workout, is a fun and exciting way to get your body moving. Combine it with balance exercises to improve your game, and remember to stretch up before starting. It is also a great way to meet people, and once you get into it, you can play it for the rest of your life. 

12. Push-Ups

Push-ups are unavoidable for building total-body strength. You can combine them with any other workout, and if regular push-ups are too much, you can make them easier on your body by elevating your hands on a bench, step, or wall. Make sure to stretch before and after this exercise. 

Before you start 

If you have underlying issues or specific moves that are more challenging than others, talk to your GP. Start slowly and gradually progress, and if possible, exercise in a group setting to boost motivation. Even if you must choose the lowest intensity workout, exercise for 30 minutes five days per week. 

Incorporating workouts into everyday life 

Accept that progress does not happen overnight. Finding motivation is easy initially, but even fitness fanatics have off days. If you live a hectic lifestyle, incorporating fitness into everyday life could help you reorganize and regroup. You can choose to walk instead of driving to work or work out before work since exercise may reduce anxiety and depression by helping the brain cope better with stress, which will help during a busy day at your job. 

Real benefits of working out as we age 

Regular exercise reduces the risks of cancer, diabetes, and osteoporosis, promotes a healthy heart, and regulates high blood pressure and sugar levels. Additionally, it helps with depression and anxiety and improves your sleep and digestion issues. For women, hitting 50 usually means dealing with symptoms of menopause, and exercising benefits reducing them. People should work out at any age, but it is never too late to start. The only rule is there are no excuses!


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