Five stations were set up this Friday morning in the sports hall of the Kleve development center. But anyone who thinks that the medicine ball, skipping rope and gymnastics mat are waiting for the youngsters is wrong. Although there will also be competition between the different groups on the course, there will be no losers at the final awards ceremony.

Parcours provides variety in everyday school life

The interactive course on the topic of alcohol consumption and abuse is intended to sensitize young people to dealing with alcohol. The aim is to encourage them to decide against the consumption of alcohol and to convey to them the health, legal and social dangers that lurk otherwise. Part of the obstacle course of a different kind is the station of Chief Inspector Sabine Leiting from the police crime prevention department in the district of Kleve. After a video sequence that shows how a party of a 15-year-old gets out of hand with illegal, excessive alcohol consumption, the legal consequences that can lie behind the abuse of alcohol are shown here. And she notices that the young people accept the topic very well. "Especially when it comes to the information that the 00.00 alcohol limit applies to novice drivers and that, for example, traffic offenses under the influence of alcohol, for example with a moped, can already lead to a later driver's license suspension, the young people quickly prick up their ears. They are aware of this usually not aware of," says Sabine Leiting.

Besides her as a police officer, Jennifer Dellnitz from the Caritas Kleve addiction prevention department is also on site. She works with the students to draw up a list of pros and cons for alcohol consumption, and it quickly becomes clear that many "pros" also have a catch. Malte Simon from the "Community Initiative NRW - Addiction always has a story" welcomes the participants at the "Flirtstation". "At this station we would like to show that alcohol often plays a role when getting to know each other. Many people become more open and talkative through the consumption of alcohol and often can no longer judge when they are becoming too pushy or when they are getting too close to their counterpart".

Intoxication glasses show how the physical condition changes

At station five it becomes vivid in the truest sense of the word. There the question is asked: How does alcohol change your reactions? The participants can answer this themselves after a few minutes by putting on noise glasses. The special visual aid makes it clear what effects a blood alcohol level of 0.8 or 1.2 has on the field of vision. Just by wearing the glasses, it is already difficult to open the lock of a front door give out the right amount of play money from the wallet.

A successful day: Your focus is sharper

The course ends with the noise goggles. But you can tell during the final meeting and the award ceremony that the young people are still concerned with the topic of alcohol and that the course has left an impression. For KHKin Sabine Leiting and Jennifer Dellnitz, the day was a complete success, for both of them are certain that when it comes to legal/illegal drugs, "you don't want to be the fire extinguisher, you have to act early on".

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