(jd) Last night (October 31) an attentive witness noticed a fire in a field next to Oetinghauser Straße at around 0.20 a.m. The man immediately called the fire department. Various bales of straw were on fire in an area of ​​around 100 square meters, which the fire brigade let burn down in a controlled manner so that the flames could be prevented from spreading further. The property damage is around 10,000 euros. Since spontaneous ignition of the straw bales could be ruled out and third-party fault could be involved, the police officers who were called in immediately began a search for the possible culprits. However, this was negative. The Herford police are therefore asking other possible witnesses to call 05221/8880.

For inquiries please contact:

Herford district police authority
Herford press office
Telephone: 05221 888 1250
Email:pressestelle.herford@polizei.nrw .de

Original content from: Herford district police authority, transmitted by news aktuell